Supporting Fire will be back November 19–21, 2021!

For the tenth year in row we are organizing Supporting Fire. Supporting Fire is a "Blind Round" tournament, which means that the players won't know which scenarios are to be played until the round starts. We prepare every round with a presentation of the scenarios to choose from, with maps, SSR's, special rules, etc etc.

For more information, browse this site and contact us if you have any inquiries!

Welome and roll low! :)

/Andreas Carlsson, with the help of Mattias Bergwall, Fredrik Scheuer, Derek Ward, Tomas Davidsson and Melvin Falk.


New registrations

So far 28 registered players. Welcome new entries:

  • Ketil Høgenhaug (Norway, 1772,3)
  • Matts Dagerhäll (Sweden, 1493)
  • Michael Hastrup-Leth (Denmark, 1975,7)


We are now a total of 25 registered players. Latest registrants are:

  • Jim Bishop (USA, 1714,4)
  • Martin Björkhem (Sweden, 1294,9)
  • Martin Kristensen (Denmark, 1421,1)

Happy Friday!

22 registered players so far, welcome newest entries:

  • Jens Thomander (Sweden, 1629,6)
  • Michal Sedlacko (Slovakia, 1571,4)
  • Andreas Larsson (Sweden, 1488,1)


As of today we are 19 pregistered players. New entries are:

  • Svante Sandblom (Sweden, 1596,1)
  • Gustav Lidemyr (Sweden, 1450,8)
  • Stefan Fiedler (Sweden, 1650,1)
  • Robert Maglica (Sweden, 1466,9)
  • Jacob Elmqvist (Sweden, 1500)
  • Thomas Harjo (Norway, 1522)



Welcome newly registered participants:

  • Svante Sandblom (Sweden, 1596,1)
  • Gustav Lidemyr (Sweden, 1450,8)
  • Christian Lindberg (Sweden, 1391,1)

July update

4 months to Supporting Fire 2021, and we are in full preparation mode! 

We are happy to present a new Round Director; Melvin Falk. I am certain he will do as good a job as he does at the Stockholm Tournament!

This means these Round Directors will work for your pleasure:

  • Round 1: Derek Ward 
  • Round 2: Melvin Falk
  • Round 3: Mattias Bergwall
  • Round 4: Tomas Davidsson
  • Round 5: Fredrik Scheuer

The Covid situation as of today is quite controlled in Sweden. Approximately 40% of the population have taken two vaccinations, and 70% have taken one. In November the authorities think that at least 95% are fully vaccinated. The Covid pass are working as intended,which means that our foreign guests should have no problem attending as long as you have taken the two required shots. …and lets hope there will be no more strange variants that mess things up… 😝

The following 12 players have registered so far:

  • Melvin Falk (Sweden, 1981,6)
  • Mattias Bergwall (Sweden, 1764,2)
  • Christoffer Peyre (Sweden, 1758,2)
  • Martin Yngerskog (Sweden, 1605,1)
  • Derek Ward (Denmark, 1529,8)
  • Ola Nygårds (Sweden, 1523,6)
  • Timo Kärnä (Finland, 1523,3)
  • Tomas Davidsson (Sweden, 1512,1)
  • Magnus Rimvall (Sweden, 1501,3)
  • Fredrik Scheuer (Sweden, 1477,5)
  • Daniel Qvarfordt (Sweden, 1477,2)
  • Asad Rustum (Sweden, 1354,3)

With that said we are looking forward to Supporting Fire 2021, and if you haven’t please register here.


Supporting Fire 2021

Dates are settled: 19–21 of November 2021. Welcome!

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