What to bring

The What to bring section is updated and currently proofed by the round directors.

Nationalities are final, but maps and overlays may vary.

Update 2017-11-12: The final version is set.

New participants as per today

New participants as per today:

  • Henrik Sannesson, SWE
  • Michael Hastrup-Leth, DEN
  • Tron Ljødal, NOR

Welcome! :)


Since the last update the following players have registered:

  • Anders Wigertz, SWE
  • Mikael Strand, SWE
  • Christoffer Strand, SWE
  • Anders Olsson, SWE


Participants updated 2017-10-11

As per today we have the following 18 gentlemens registered:

  • Timo Kärnä, FIN
  • Derek Ward, DEN
  • Stephen Burleigh, SWE
  • Tomas Davidsson, SWE
  • Mattias Bergwall, SWE
  • Lars-Robert Gregorson, SWE
  • Fredrik Scheuer, SWE
  • Mattias Eklund, SWE
  • Martin Yngerskog, SWE
  • Daniel Qvarfordt, SWE
  • Svante Sandblom, SWE
  • Melvin Falk, SWE
  • Andreas Larsson, SWE
  • Björn-Erik Karlsson, SWE
  • Hans Bugge, NOR
  • Mikko Lukkari, FIN
  • Sami Pelkonen, FIN
  • Martin Kristensen, DEN



We are happy to announce that we will arrange Supporting Fire 2017 during the weekend of November 17 – 19! 

Tournament Director

  • Andreas Carlsson

Round Directors

  • Mattias Bergwall
  • Tomas Davidsson
  • Lars-Robert Gregorson
  • Fredrik Scheuer
  • Derek Wards


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