Supporting Fire 2017 will be back November 17-19, 2017!

Thanks to all sponsors, players and directors for a splendid 2016 – It was a blast!

We are the best Blind Round Tournament (ie when none of the participants know what scenarios will be played each round)! 


One week to go...

Two more players have registered since last time:

• Magnus Nattochdag, SWE

• Alan Smee, AUS

Welcome guys, see you soon!

New registrations

With only one month left we are currently 25 registered players.


• Hans Bugge, NOR

• Stefan Nilsson, SWE

• Mikael Ahl, SWE

• Lars-Peder Jensen, DEN
• Michael Hastrup-Leth, DEN

New registrations

We say welcome to:

• Kenneth Knudsen, DEN

• Mikko Lukkari, FIN

• Andreas Larsson, SWE

• Martin Kristensen, DEN

• Sami Pelkonen, FIN

Nice to see you guys again! :)

New registrations

As of today we have 16 registered players. Still two months today, it looks like we will break our record from 2013 with 26 players!

• Melvin Falk, SWE

• Daniel Qvarfordt, SWE

• Tomas Vestelind, SWE

• Ketil Høgenhaug, NOR

• Tomas Davidsson, SWE

• Derek Ward, DEN

• Fredrik Scheuer, SWE

• Mattias Bergwall, SWE

Welcome guys!

New registrations

More playes have joined the tournament:

• Anders Olsson, SWE

• Göran Andersson, SWE

• Lars Olsson, SWE

• Eero Vihersaari, FIN

• Matts Dagerhäll, SWE


Welcome players!

As of today we have the following registered players:

• Timo Kärnä, FIN

• Paul Schaeffer, USA


We are happy to announce that we will arrange Supporting Fire 2016 during the weekend of November 18 – 20! 

Tournament Director

  • Andreas Carlsson

Round Directors

  • Mattias Bergwall
  • Tomas Davidsson
  • Lars-Robert Gregorson
  • Fredrik Scheuer
  • Derek Wards

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